Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

Zoom Connection

To connect your Zoom account to Versational, watch this short video.

To record on Zoom, please refer to their enabling and starting local recordings documentation. For recording settings, please visit their Changing basic and advanced cloud recording settings page.
Your Zoom recordings are stored both on Zoom’s cloud server as well as locally downloaded to your computer.

Recordings Location

All video recordings will automatically be saved to the user's Zoom account. Recordings will be under the 'Recordings' folder. The host of the meeting will also receive an email containing an identical recording of the meeting. This can easily be shared with internal or external teams via email. 

Navigate to the 'Recordings' tab under your Account Settings. Here you can view your saved Zoom Recordings. Easily download, share, or delete recordings from this page.  If you are manually uploading zoom recordings, you can download your recording from zoom to your file storage, then upload to Versational.
Cloud Recordings in Zoom

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