Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Installing Teams

To install Microsoft Teams, go to your 'My Profile & Settings' page. Select the 'Integrations' tab. Then select 'See all integrations'.

Find the Microsoft Teams logo and select it to go to the Teams integration page.

To connect your account, all you need to do is select the 'Connect' button. You'll be redirected to your Microsoft login. Enter your credentials and log in to be returned to this screen with the installation complete.

Microsoft Teams administrator setup for recording and transcription

If you are an admin for your Teams account and you have members or guests, you need to activate your recording features in the Microsoft Teams admin center (link here).  Go to 'Meeting policies' and select 'Global'. Check to see if your ' Recording & Transcription' toggle settings are turned on.

Step 1:  Turn on Recording & transcription under Meeting policies

Check the Global Policy for a checkmark. After checking, you may safely exit this policy.

Step 2:  If you plan to record your calls made in Teams, turn on the 'Recording & transcription' toggle settings under Calling policies. Then Save.

How Teams Integration works with Versational (once you are connected and Microsoft Teams is configured)

Once your integration is completed, all your Microsoft Teams call recordings will automatically process and show in your 'Recordings' table afterwards.
To record a call in Microsoft Teams, you have two options. 
1) You can go to 'My Team Channel' and select 'Meet' to start a call with your team.

2) You can go to your calendar and start a scheduled calendar meeting or select 'Meet now'. You can start this from your Outlook, Google or any other calendar as well.

Once you have started a meeting, simply go to the three dots on the top bar and select 'Record'.

Once you have finished recording, Versational will automatically start processing it. You will receive an email notification with a link to your recording when it is completed.

You'll find it in your 'Recordings' table and can access it like any other recording.

If your Teams recording was for a scheduled calendar event, you'll also see it on your 'My Calendar Event' page. Select 'View results' to see it. However, this requires you to have integrated your calendar.

Uninstalling Teams

To remove your Teams integration, simply go back to the 'Integrations' tab and select 'Remove' next to Teams.

You can also go back to the 'Integration' page and select 'Disconnect'.

All your previous recordings captured through Versational will remain in your 'Recordings' page.


If your 'Start Recording' or 'Start Transcription' selection is greyed out, you will need to configure your settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center.
If you are recording your Teams meetings and your recordings are not showing up in your 'Recordings' table, try out the following steps: (Note that Teams recordings may appear in either your OneDrive or Sharepoint).
  1. Check your Versational integrations to make sure you have not been signed out of Teams.
  2. Check your Onedrive to make sure your recordings are being saved. Find out more here.
  3. Check your SharePoint to make sure your recordings are being saved. Find out more here.

If your Teams recording is not associated with the correct calendar event, make sure to toggle on the 'Teams meeting' button when creating new Outlook calendar events.


Q: Does admin need to install this or each user?
A: Each user will need to install this to access their own recordings. Users will not share organization recordings.

Q: If I have a meeting directly after another, what is the best way to capture the recordings correctly? 
A: Stop the recording from the first meeting and start another recording for the second meeting around the scheduled meeting time.

Q: I cannot install the Versational App from MSFT Teams Marketplace. What’s wrong?

A: Unfortunately, there could be a number of reasons preventing you from installing the App from MSFT Teams Marketplace. At times, IT administrators can apply group policies (Microsoft access configurators) to:
1.        Completely disable access to MSFT Teams marketplace
2.        Provide access to Marketplace, but prevent installing apps
3.        Allow only certain apps to be installed as identified by the org.
There’s no need to worry. In such a situation, you just need to ask your organization IT team to remove the restriction. You should then be able to install the App.
However, do keep in mind that MSFT Teams marketplace is available to only paid Microsoft365 business subscriptions.
But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the full potential of Versational. Simply choose a plan from the Versational website, sign-up and then get started!

Q: Why am I unable to record a call?
A: Congratulations on downloading the Versational App from the MSFT Teams Marketplace!
However, it must be disappointing to see the ’Start Recording’ button greyed out or disabled. Although this has nothing to do with the Versational App itself, it does prevent you from experiencing the capability of the App.
To cater to all preferences of org MSFT Teams users, your organization is probably preventing the recording of Teams calls.
But don’t worry. If you’re faced with such a situation, just ask your organisation IT team to configure the settings and allow the recording of calls.

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