Release Notes - March , 2023

Release Notes - March , 2023

🚀 New

Summary of a meeting

Versational now summarises a meeting in order to provide the flavour of the conversation in that meeting. This will help you decide if you would like to know more about the meeting. Versational provides two levels of summaries. On the recording page it proves a short one sentence summary. In the main Summary page (Figure 2) , it provides a more exhaustive summary of the recording. See images below

Guest View for shared recordings

Versational has introduced a new Guest view for externally shared recordings.  The  information included in the Guest view are (see image):
  1. Full transcript
  2. Talk percentage
  3. Longest monologue
  4. Speakers
External recipients can now signup to Versational from the Guest View to access the rest of the powerful insights of the recording

Decision Gems

A new AI model to identify Decisions in a meeting has been introduced in this release. Decisions are cornerstone of any project or sales meetings. Therefore,  Decision Gems now helps Project Management and Sales professionals to extract even more value from their meetings using Versational.

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