Release Notes - July 2023

Release Notes - July 2023

Enhanced mic-recording

Versational has now enhanced the mic recording feature to allow you to navigate throughout the app while a mic-recording is in progress. Previously, it was required to stay on the mic-recording page for the duration of the recording. This new enhancement will enable users to continue using Versational's powerful feature whilst a meeting is being recorded using the built-in mic-recording feature.

The mic-recording icon has been moved to the main menu along with the other items as shown below:

When the mic recording has started the following message will be displayed on the screen for the duration of the recording:

AI-Ally now suggests prompts

AI-Ally chatbot that an user can query to ask for any information about a meetings that Versational has analyses, now can suggest prompts for single meetings. Prompts are suggested for single meetings only.
See below:

Users can also copy an AI-Ally response, which can be pasted into a document:

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