Manage Your Subscription

Manage Your Subscription

To manage your subscription, go to your 'Settings' page and select 'Organization Settings'.
You'll find everything you need to manage your subscriptions under the 'Subscription & Billing' section.
Since this page contains the details of your subscription plan and allows you to change your billing details and subscription plans. The subscriptions page is visible to admins only

This page lists your Versational Subscriptions details such as:
  1. Type of Subscription
  2. Next billing date and amount
  3. No. of seats used if your subscription include Versational Teams
  4. Minutes used in a month.

How to change your plan

 To change your plan, select the 'Change Plan' button.

The available plans will be presented as illustrated below. It will also indicate your current plan.
Choose the plan you would like by clicking on the 'Select Plan' button of the new plan.

Note: Changing from 'Teams' to 'Plus' or 'Free Forever' plan.
The Teams plan includes 'Versational Teams' that enables you to collaborate with your team members by sharing your meeting insights, playlists and allowing them comment on them.
The 'Plus' and 'Free Forever' plans do not include 'Versational Teams'. Therefore, Plus and Free Forever users will not be able to take advantage of the powerful collaboration features of Versational Teams.

So you will have to remove all your team members from your team before changing from 'Teams' to 'Plus' or 'Free Forever' plan. Otherwise you will be prompted by Versational to do so before changing your plan.
Please see the image below.

Note: Changing from any plan to 'Free Forever' plan.
The 'Free Forever' plan is for an occasional Versational user who prefers to use just the basic fucntions of Versational. Therefore, it limits the maximum number of recordings to 5.
When a user changes to the Free Forever plan, the 5 most recent recordings in the user account are retained. The older recordings will not be listed in the recordings table. The user would have to delete one or more recordings to add new recordings.
When the user upgrades to Plus or Teams plan, the older recordings, except the ones that have been deleted by the user, are automatically restored to the user account.

How to cancel your plan

To cancel your plan, select the 'Change Plan' button.

Select 'Cancel Subscription' and confirm.

How to add or remove seats

Note: Only the 'Teams' plan includes Versational Teams which allows you to invite team members to your Versational Team.
The 'Teams' plan includes 5 seats, which means that you can invite up to 5 of your team members without any additional charge.
If you would like to add more than 5 team team members to your Verstional account then you can buy additional seats.

Add seats - If you would like to invite more team members and do not have enough seats, select 'Add seats'.

In the popup, enter how many new seats you would like to add. Then select 'Add Seats' to add the new seats immediately.

Note: If you are on an annual subscription plan, the annual additional charge and billing cycle for the seats will be shown. If you are on a monthly plan then the monthly additional charge and billing cycle will be shown.
Please see the images below:


To remove seats, select 'Remove seats'.

From the popup, you can view how many active team members you have. Since you need as many seats as active team members, you will need to archive some team members, if you'd like to bring your seats below that number. Select 'remove members' to go to your user table and archive team members.

Select the number of seats you would like to go down to. You will be informed on how many seats you are removing and what your next payment will be. Changes will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Then select 'Remove seats'. When a team member is deleted, you can reduce the subscription cost per team member by reducing same number of team members deleted.

Note: If the administrator deletes a team member account or if a team member deletes their account, all recording history is deleted and cannot be recovered.

How to update the payment method

View the last four digits of your active card number to the left of the 'Update Payment Method' button. Then select this button to update your payment method.

Update payment methodUpdate payment method

On the popup, enter the information for your new payment method and select 'Update Card'.
Update payment method confirmationUpdate payment method confirmation

How to buy more minutes

View the number of free minutes you've used for the month out of the total minutes available for the month on the below your settings menu. Check how many minutes remain by looking to the left of the 'Add-on minutes' button. Select this button to add more minutes for yourself or a teammate.
Buy more minutesBuy more minutes

On the popup, you can select how many additional minutes you would like to buy and who you would like to purchase them for.
Admins can buy extra minutes for any team member. Admins will be notified when team members need more minutes for the month.

You will be shown the total cost and then you can select 'Buy Minutes' to make the transaction.

Buy minutes confirmationBuy minutes confirmation

Additional minutes will carry over to other months, if unused.

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